Hey, please check out my new websites: The Narrow Path 2: If you're looking for ministry resources, such as Bible studies, curriculum, notes on Scripture, youth... Full story

Dear Pastor Andy, Will Christian Music Be Played In Both Heaven and Hell?

  Question: Is Christian music the only style of music that is played both in Heaven and in Hell?   My Reply: Just about every time we read something... Full story

Dear Pastor Andy, Can You Re-baptize a Child In Another Denomination or Faith System?

Question: Can you baptize a child Catholic and Greek Orthodox?   My Reply:  I suppose you could, but neither do you need to, nor is it suggested that... Full story

Snow Ministries

I've come to realize that there are 2 types of Youth Ministries: Packing snow ministries, and Powdered snow ministries (please keep in mind, I'm talking... Full story

Dear Pastor Andy, What Is the Christian View of Sex?

Question: Explain the Christian argument for chastity.  Explain how Christianity is pro-body and pro-sex, and argues that.    My Reply: Pro-body/sex:  1) God created us as sexual beings. 2) God introduced... Full story

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